LIFE… what is life?? It feels like life is a continuous chase… chase for something new, something better, bigger and something more fulfilling. And in this chase, we chase everything forgetting to chase quality life. There are days when we feel we have every reason to be happy and satisfied with life and then there comes a time when that feeling subsides by the feeling of need for something more, something more fruitful, more fulfilling as a successful being and something more to make me feel alive and enjoying life.
I wonder why is it so?? Why do we always crave for more than what we have? Why do we fail to appreciate the blessings which we already have while urging for something else which we want to have? We might be having number of things to be proud about, we might being talked about by people for our achievements, we might be living the kind of life we couldn’t even dream ever, we might have a loving partner, lots of friends & a caring family. Yet we fail to be content. We see others and count their blessings, their achievements and that seems to eradicate our joy and we again start feeling the need to have something more. We dwell on what others have and we don’t but we fail to notice what all we have which others don’t have. Suddenly we give into the urge to have everything. And again, we become dissatisfied with our life. We get involved in the rat race to achieve more, to collect more wealth, to afford all the luxuries of life and while doing that we leave behind the joy of spending time with family and friends, we forget to appreciate a refreshing sunrise, we don’t get time to sit in the porch with a cup of tea and watch the Sun set, we lose the simple pleasure of idling when we just don’t have nothing at all to do and most of all we forget to live the life which has been bestowed upon us by the almighty. 

And then there comes a time, when we regret and wish the time to stop. We wish to go back in time  and live all the life which we screwed while running behind luxuries and fantasies. I won’t say that I am something different in this case. I too am a victim of this continuous want of more and more. I too go through this cycle of feeling happy and satisfied for a week followed by a month of feeling emptiness & uncertainty of my dreams & goals. Today too I found myself entering into this phase and the fight between two sides of my mind (one which tells me to be content of my life as it is now & the other which says you are nothing, you haven’t yet achieved what you are worthy of) made me pen my thoughts down.

Do let me know guys what you think about it?? Do you also feel like this sometimes??