In earlier days, necessities were Roti, Kapada aur makan but now three more things have to be added in these list of necessities and those are Mobile Phone, Vehicle (at least a two wheeler) and a laptop/computer with internet connection. No, don’t think that I am exaggerating. Try it if you wish. Go and tell some people that you don’t have any of these 3 things and they will give you that look which says poor chap!! Can’t even afford basic needs of life.

I have had my share of experience about it. Some time ago I didn’t had a laptop of my own and I wasn’t buying one for some of my own reasons. But every time when asked about it I used to tell that I don’t have one and used to get the same pitying look on people’s faces. Earlier I used to think where’s the time to surf net and socialize on net when I have to go to bed by 11:00 pm at max to be able to take the office bus at 6:30 in the morning. But now when I have got my laptop it makes me wonder what I used to do in the evenings when I didn’t had one. Now, I can’t imagine my after office hours without my lappy. šŸ˜›

Same is the case with mobile phone and my scooty. I prefer to drive than walking even to a place which is just half a kilometer away. And as far as mobile phone is concerned, I am so gravely addicted to that thingy that I can’t put that aside even for 5 minutes. Yes, I always keep it handy. It accompanies me everywhere I go, from my room to another, to the kitchen then back to my room. If I don’t find it around I get panicked. It sort of freaks me out when I see around & can’t locate it instantly. Even while sleeping I keep it on my pillow and I myself couldn’t yet figured it out why do I do that as I know none is gonna call me in the middle of the night to have a chit chat!!!! Yet, can’t help it. Ahh!! it’s something to worry about. Right??? Not really, you know the thought of my colleague who sends at least 400 texts daily makes me feel better for myself… šŸ˜›

So, that’s how life has become dependent on these enablers and these enablers have actually become an integral part of our life so much so we can’t even imagine how our life would have been if we didn’t had them.