I never realized that reading is such a rare hobby. Actually, I don’t know whether it actually is a rare hobby or it’s simply just the people around me, my friends & acquaintances are not interested in reading.

I like reading. I read magazines, novels, blogs, forward mails, newspapers, interesting content on net. In short, reading is an inseparable part of my routine and I never let go of any opportunity to read something new and interesting.

But, when I see around I don’t find anyone who shares my hobby. I don’t find anyone with whom I can discuss on my readings, with whom I can exchange books and magazines which they find interesting and suggest me to read.

My friends are not even interested in reading my blogs. One reason for this may be that my writing doesn’t interest them, they may be finding it boring. But If it is so, then why don’t they come up with the feedback. It’s simple – Read & comment honestly. But no they can’t even do this.

Leave alone my blog, they don’t even read any forward mail which is more than 20-30 words long. They say, we can’t read such long mails. Long mails!!!! Do you call a 20-30 words long mail a long mail?? What has happened to the basic definitions.. God knows.

Anyways, so my point is why do people fear reading?? Why do they take it as something requiring gigantic efforts?? I have always believed that reading helps you learn new things, helps enriching one’s knowledge, widens you mind and enables you to see things in new light or different perspective. And according to me, no reading at all hampers one’s growth in a way.

Well, I can’t do anything about it but my search for someone who shares my hobby of reading is on. Wish me luck..  & till then happy reading to all the readers…