Why is it like people try to prove their choice superior to others’ choice? And try to convince them to agree on the point that their choice is better.

Yes, I have seen people ready to do anything to prove their point and alter the other person’s mind. Why can’t they understand that everyone’s different and so are their choices and likings. And if one can’t respect others’ choices, they are expected to voice their thoughts, tell the logic behind and leave the decision on the person to accept their views or not. It’s that person’s discretion whether to act upon it and change his opinion or to hold on his original thought.

Let me tell you about a real life situation to make my point clear. Everyone who knows me knows that SRK is my favourite actor. There was a time when I was mad about him and was just like any other crazy diehard fan. But with time, I have changed from a crazy girl to a mature fan of SRK.

But many of my friends don’t like him now (they say they used to like him earlier but not now). So?? So, I don’t have any problem with their stance on him. But I have a problem when they try to prove that whoever they like now is much better than SRK, they try to make fun of him, they try to point out his follies, they deliberately talk negative about him, his choice of films and his interviews.  They try to convince me to change my opinion about him. Why should I if I don’t share those views?? They say they like to tease me but when I give no ear to what all they say they kinda get mad and that shows that they are trying to convince me to dislike him instead of just teasing me.

I like SRK because of his acting skills, his smartness, intelligence, acumen, his ability to rise to that level from a middle class family and that too on his own. I like him because he is the only one actor who has never been talked about for any link ups with other girls. I like him because of his wits, his business knowledge and his ability to connect with public. I don’t deny the fact that he is a bit arrogant and loud about his achievements but that can’t be used to discount all his good qualities.

I know that the people who have decided not to like him and closed their mind can’t see all these qualities but I at least expect them to respect others’ choice or liking for someone and if not that, at least they are expected not to mock citing some silly weightless incidences / points about him.

And in the end, let me tell even if they don’t stop, it won’t make any difference to me as it has always been. I am not going to change my mind, not anytime soon… & yes, I like it when even after all the efforts my friends are clueless about what more to do to make me lose my temper… ha ha ha 😀