I am really really pissed off by people posting useless links especially, crap news articles link on social network sites.

What does those people think of others (the people getting their updates in newsfeed) while posting links to various breaking news articles from different sources. I mean what makes them do that?? Do they think all others live in an isolated world, deprived of any newspaper, news channel and it is their duty to enrich them with the unnecessary useless knowledge or should I say all the rubbish??

In this era of widespread breaking news syndrome (all thanks to the news channel war), is it possible that the people will not already be aware of each & every tiny mini breaking news (though most of that breaking news can’t even actually be called news)??? No matter how much one wants to avoid this, they can’t be completely successful at it. Aur ye itne news channels kya kam the jo ab log social media pe bhi links post karne lage hain…. !!! Kitne velle hain aise log… time pass nahi ho raha to chalo koi bekar si bakar bhari link hi post kar dete hain FB pe. Aur unke hi jaise 2-4 maha velle log comment bhi karne lag padte hain….

I can even understand it if the news one shares is something really extra ordinary or some new discovery, some new interesting research study etc. but hell no… they all are posting crap……..!!! And that too just for the sake of posting something and be active…

Ok, I get it, I get it… their only purpose behind such posts is to torture some hard to find sane people like me and have fun… šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ šŸ˜‰ Oh wait, did I got into their trap??? Oh no, I won’t let them have fun on the expense of my precious time… šŸ˜€ I won’t fall prey to this.

eh!! then why am I wasting my time writing about the crap they are posting?? err…. I should better get back to work now… so chao friends… Do leave comments if you too are pissed off by such posts showing in your news feed or otherwise…