I like this movie. Something about it is so inspirational and encouraging. So, here I am sharing my take aways from the movie and here goes the list…
  • Do whatever you want to do. Don’t keep things pending and wishes on hold.
  • Money isn’t everything, family n frens are more important so, work out your priorities accordingly.
  • Don’t wait for the right time to express your feelings, seize the moment and make it right.
  • Confront your fear. Do things you are afraid of and your fear will all disappear.
  • Try doing new things, be enthusiastic for experimenting. Learn from everyone you meet.
  • Don’t do anything which doesn’t make you happy just because of some external pressure.
  • Take time out to introspect and improve.
  • Don’t interfere in others’ business until unless invited to do so.
  • Give space to your friends and boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • Lead an independent confident life and don’t just be a shadow of your partner (especially applicable to girls).

Love freely, live without regrets, laugh often, learn to forgive and live the life to the fullest.