Today, I stumbled upon a blog post titled Bangles and suddenly got reminded of my love for bangles when I was a child.

Yes, when I was around 10-12 years old, I loved to wear bangles.. I have never been into putting on lot of make up, applying different cosmetics & adorning jewellery etc… but one thing I was crazy about was wearing bangles. Yes, I had a small box which contained so many colorful bangles matching with each of my dresses.

I still remember, every time I used to get a new dress my mummy used to get me matching bangles too. I used to keep that box with lot of care and it was one of my proud possessions during my childhood. I still remember how it looked like. 🙂

But, as the time passed by and I grew up, I got to believe that wearing bangles is not so cool and kinda old-fashioned… I learnt it from my friends with latest fashion sense and as I was a self-conscious and sensitive to public opinion girl, I refused to wear bangles anymore… and that bangle box became a useless commodity in my drawer… I used to take it out sometimes, look at all the beautiful bangles, try them out and then again keep it at its place. After some time, I got used to with not wearing bangles and forgot about that box too. Mummy seeing my disinterest in wearing those, gave those bangles along with the box to our maid’s daughter. I didn’t mind it as wearing bangles didn’t match with latest fashion trend.

After that I have worn bangles only  few times when I got dressed up in a saree or lahanga… & other times I wear fancy wristbands, bracelets and watches.. which are trendy and cooool…!!! But its good that bangles are again in fashion… 🙂

P.S. I am feeling nostalgic about those days and missing that sweetness I had as a small girl..

P.P.S. I am still the same as I was but yes, appearance can be deceptive…. 😉