I am all excited to watch much awaited SRK starer Ra.One. And I am feeling bad about being unable to watch it on the release date. Being a huge SRK fan, I wanted to watch the movie on the very first day, i.e., Diwali but I am going home in Diwali holidays and that’s why will have to postpone my plan for another 5 days… 😦

But going home and enjoying the grand festival is much more important & fun as its once in a year affair while I can come back and watch the movie later… True that I will miss the adventure of watching it fresh before much reviews and ratings but its ok. No other choice. Well, the reviews don’t matter much to me for this movie as whatever they say, I am going to watch this one for sure.. 🙂

However, reviews have started coming in from Dubai after its worldwide premiere there and reviewers are all praises for it. Here is a link to the very first review of the movie.


So, go ahead and enjoy the movie, have fun on Diwali with family and friends and be safe and happy!!!

And yes, one more exciting thing is that I have got Chetan Bhagat’s  new novel – Revolution 2020 and have just started reading it.. Lets see how I like it….

Happy Diwali friends 🙂 🙂