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I just stumbled upon a quote about love which sort of said that Love can not be defined and can only be experienced. This means there isn’t any unanimous definition of love and everyone has his / her own definition of love based on what they experience… right??

So, just a curious thought popped up in my noisy mind “What if two people are in love with each other and they both have a different definition of love?? A little difference is expected but what in case where both are having completely different ideas about what love is and what does it take to be in love?

Such a relationship is surely bound to fail sooner than later in the absence of clear and specific communication from both ends and it certainly calls for striking a balance so as to come to a common definition agreeable to both the partners. You know being on the same page kinda…

Hmm… Let me not get too philosophical and boring here. I just wanted to say that already there is this difference between the thinking pattern and behavior of males and females which is hard to be understood by each other and as if it wasn’t enough, we people have got this uncertainty over definition of love… haaa… lot of complexity and my sweet small noisy mind!!! 😉 😀

Such a difficult life and such a complex world it is!!!


Selfish & Ironic!!!

One of my friend told me about this incidence today which made me think how selfish people can be!!!

She said about one of her colleague who told her about how his wife takes pain of cooking for him early morning even after having some health related issue and being unable to walk properly because of a sprain in leg. He said that she doesn’t let me come without tiffin no matter what…

And later the same day, my friend saw the same person enjoying smoking with others without any guilt of lying to that very caring wife who doesn’t even has a clue about his smoking habit…

How selfish and disrespectful of him!!! The wife doesn’t let him come without lunch so that he doesn’t have to eat canteen food and here he is risking his health and mocking her care & love with the smoke…. Ironic!!!

It’s quite a lazy day for me… and also one such day when you find yourself wondering what’s happening in my life!!! Nothing seems to add up to something good and it feels like something is missing…

I am kinda strange.. I want things to change and want my life to keep moving but at the same time I have got into a comfort zone where whenever some change seems to be happening I am all skeptical and nervous… I feel happy to postpone the change and try to extend the present as much as I can. Human mind is really incomprehensible or who knows if its only me… I am not sure if it is just another symptom of my madness!!!

Talking about this I got reminded of a sher and it goes like this:

“Jin raasto ko humne chun liya,
unka ab hum pe nasha chha raha hai,
Koi manjilo se kah de thoda peechhe ho jaye,
hume to ab chalane me hi majaa aa raha hai….”

Sometimes, you get so used to certain life style and some habits that you just don’t want to change anything and wish the life to keep moving with the same pace in the same way.

But have to admit that change is inevitable and only constant… and it helps to bring some freshness in life so one needs to keep changing with changes taking place in life and keep growing and moving…

Wish you all for the positive changes and happiness always.. 🙂

Happy Children’s Day!!!

Happy Children’s day!!!

I believe there is a child inside each of us who wants to come out some or the other times. But most of the times we don’t let it. We try to suppress it and some people even go to the extent of almost killing it completely. I think we should let that child within us live. Because that is the one who helps us to remain human in this time of cut throat competition, rat race and stress generated due to that. It’s only because of that innocence and cuteness of a child this world is still beautiful and worth living.

Here are my 3 poems expressing common phenomenon among people now-a-days:

Chhupa hai mere man me wo ab bhi kahi
Deta hai haule – haule wo dastak bhi kabhi
Machal jata hai kabhi kabhi kuch paane ko
Bahut kuch kahna chahta hai is zamane ko

Ye soch ke daba rakha hai bachpan ko maine
ki kahi zamana ise meri kamzori na samajh le…


Arre karna padta hai kuch umra ka bhi lihaz yaaro
Kyuki kuch aisa hi hai zamane ka bhi riwaz yaaro
Hans na de koi mujhe bachkana samajhkar
isliye pahana hai samajhdaari ka ye naqaab yaaro!!!


Dil tut jaya karta tha kisi khilone ko na pakar
Aur ro diya karte the chhoti-2 baato pe hum
1 chhoti si parle G toffee bhi khush kar jati thi
Yu hi bas hullad machate, ghoomate the befikar

Aaj dil tutne ki wajahe utni chhoti nahi
Par phir bhi hum ab ro nahi sakte
aur jaha bhar ki suvidhaye juta le par
kal ki chinta me chain se so nahi sakte.

So, continuing from my previous post let me tell you one more finding of ours.

Y said that the common belief is that girls are more emotional than guys. I said yes that’s true. Guys are less emotional and more practical in majority of cases.

He said, no it is not exactly true. Guys are also very emotional and may be more emotional than girls.

Me: How come?? I don’t think it is right.

Then he said, see right now we discussed about difference in their thought process. And we saw that girls narrow down their focus while guys widens the scope and have scattered focus.

Me: So??? How does it prove that boys are more emotional??

He: They are more emotional but it doesn’t show up because they have scattered focus their emotions get distributed among all the people who are emotionally close to them. They focus on their family, GF/life partner, friends etc. on the same time. And hence, any one particular person or situation can’t get their 100% focused emotion / attention.

On the contrary, girls do have single focus. For example, for a young girl her whole focus is on her boyfriend or husband and for a mother the only focus is her children. They set their priorities accordingly and don’t give much of the attention to others. Even their family comes secondary. They get completely attached to that one person and almost detached with the world. And that’s why their emotions are concentrated for that one single focal point and it seems like they are more emotional than the guys are.

Hmm… I ended up totally agreeing with this. It’s true that after marriage girls get so devoted and attached to their husband that sometimes they don’t even hesitate to argue with parents if they feel that their husband is not getting enough respect or care from them. And in case of moms, everyone who says or does anything which even remotely hurts their child is an enemy no matter who it is!!!

Haaa… lots of thinking for a day…. See, how interesting things we talk about and come out with new findings and fundu fundas… 😀

Leave comments on what do you think about this.

Yesterday I had this talk with one of my friend Y and something came up which I had never given a thought to!!!

Yeah, we were talking and he said “assume there is a group of boys having a tour of the city and they start talking on a topic when they start the tour. What do you think they would be talking about after half an hour during the tour??

I was almost clueless. I tried answering though. I said they might be talking on the same topic. Then he said may be they will be talking on the same topic but the scope of discussion would have been expanded. For example they would have started talking about a place for example Rajwada, then they would talk about Indore, and then India and the world. The discussion expands, the scope widens.

I guess it is right. He concluded that boys always come out of a situation, topic or particular problem in this way. “Ladke bahar aate jate hain”

And then we discussed the same case for girls. What girls do is that they keep going into the topic. They narrow down things and in most of the cases they bring the things to their personal level or something related to their life.

Like take the same case. The girls will start talking about Rajwada, then they will talk about the surroundings, then some of the famous shops there, their first visit there, their memories related to that place and their importance for them etc etc. This is just an example, may not be absolutely true but just to give you an idea.

So, in this way girls keep going into it. “Ladkiya andar ghusti jati hain”. The girls narrow down their focus and goes into the depth of the topic or a problem.

And this particular difference or we can say contradiction in both genders’ thought process leads to their way of response to a particular problem or situation.

When confronted with a problem, guys easily overcome it or they get out of it keeping it aside and taking a view from outside and they are able to carry on with other things normally. On the other sides, girls get into the problem, get consumed by it and feel like all other aspects of their life are being affected by this particular problem!!!

And yes, I think understanding of this difference can lead to lesser misunderstandings in any relationship and also if they apply their minds together, they would be complementary to each other.

Seems quite true…!!! What do you think guys?? Do you have any different views on this?? Do let me know.

Goonja sa hai koi iktaara

Wake up Sid!!! The movie which I can watch anytime and can never get bored. I don’t really know why but I like it very much.

It’s a simple story told in a very smooth way, no complexity, no drama and simply amazing lyrics – Goonja sa hai koi iktaara iktaara…


Ra.One Experience & Analysis

So, I finally watched Ra.One, the most expensive and most awaited movie of Bollywood.

I would say I liked it but yes, not as much as other SRK starers. Its not as bad as it has been said by people. I am a huge SRK fan yet I had doubts while going to watch the movie and I had told myself that so what if it is going to be a bad one, being a fan I would definitely watch this. Now, having seen it, If asked, I would rate it somewhere between 3 and 3.5 stars because of a new concept, message delivered, good music (Chhammak Chhallo, Dildara and Criminal rocks) and excellent acting (though SRK fails sometimes to do justice with the lead South Indian character Shekhar Subramanium).

But still I feel there’s something missing in the movie. I guess the script wasn’t too crisp. Some of the scenes don’t fit into the story like the one which has an encounter of Chitti and The concept is new for Hindi cinema but execution couldn’t be done properly. It could have been much much better and a real blockbuster otherwise.

And yes, one more thing which led to bad reviews and negative word of mouth is over publicity. Yes, SRK has been marketing it for 10 months before its release and had created so much hype that made people over expect from the movie. So, this over expectation made people feel that the film under delivers than what had been promised.

But, who knows if SRK had not done this much marketing whether the movie would have earned as much as it has in the very first week. Its just because of the aggressive marketing, enough people got so curious to go and watch the movie at least once. And that’s the reason which made the movie rack in a huge collection even after bad reviews and poor rating.

last but not the least I would say its commendable on SRK’s part to come out of his comfort zone and trying out something different. And the way he has made use of every medium available and each possible opportunity to market his venture is remarkable. Hats off to his marketing skills!!!!

I am posting a link of a review of here which I too completely agree to. Read it and comment.

I have seen most of the times that people find it hard to appreciate someone for their good qualities but they can very easily get involved in criticizing others’ faults no matter how petty they are!!!