So, I finally watched Ra.One, the most expensive and most awaited movie of Bollywood.

I would say I liked it but yes, not as much as other SRK starers. Its not as bad as it has been said by people. I am a huge SRK fan yet I had doubts while going to watch the movie and I had told myself that so what if it is going to be a bad one, being a fan I would definitely watch this. Now, having seen it, If asked, I would rate it somewhere between 3 and 3.5 stars because of a new concept, message delivered, good music (Chhammak Chhallo, Dildara and Criminal rocks) and excellent acting (though SRK fails sometimes to do justice with the lead South Indian character Shekhar Subramanium).

But still I feel there’s something missing in the movie. I guess the script wasn’t too crisp. Some of the scenes don’t fit into the story like the one which has an encounter of Chitti and The concept is new for Hindi cinema but execution couldn’t be done properly. It could have been much much better and a real blockbuster otherwise.

And yes, one more thing which led to bad reviews and negative word of mouth is over publicity. Yes, SRK has been marketing it for 10 months before its release and had created so much hype that made people over expect from the movie. So, this over expectation made people feel that the film under delivers than what had been promised.

But, who knows if SRK had not done this much marketing whether the movie would have earned as much as it has in the very first week. Its just because of the aggressive marketing, enough people got so curious to go and watch the movie at least once. And that’s the reason which made the movie rack in a huge collection even after bad reviews and poor rating.

last but not the least I would say its commendable on SRK’s part to come out of his comfort zone and trying out something different. And the way he has made use of every medium available and each possible opportunity to market his venture is remarkable. Hats off to his marketing skills!!!!

I am posting a link of a review of here which I too completely agree to. Read it and comment.