So, continuing from my previous post let me tell you one more finding of ours.

Y said that the common belief is that girls are more emotional than guys. I said yes that’s true. Guys are less emotional and more practical in majority of cases.

He said, no it is not exactly true. Guys are also very emotional and may be more emotional than girls.

Me: How come?? I don’t think it is right.

Then he said, see right now we discussed about difference in their thought process. And we saw that girls narrow down their focus while guys widens the scope and have scattered focus.

Me: So??? How does it prove that boys are more emotional??

He: They are more emotional but it doesn’t show up because they have scattered focus their emotions get distributed among all the people who are emotionally close to them. They focus on their family, GF/life partner, friends etc. on the same time. And hence, any one particular person or situation can’t get their 100% focused emotion / attention.

On the contrary, girls do have single focus. For example, for a young girl her whole focus is on her boyfriend or husband and for a mother the only focus is her children. They set their priorities accordingly and don’t give much of the attention to others. Even their family comes secondary. They get completely attached to that one person and almost detached with the world. And that’s why their emotions are concentrated for that one single focal point and it seems like they are more emotional than the guys are.

Hmm… I ended up totally agreeing with this. It’s true that after marriage girls get so devoted and attached to their husband that sometimes they don’t even hesitate to argue with parents if they feel that their husband is not getting enough respect or care from them. And in case of moms, everyone who says or does anything which even remotely hurts their child is an enemy no matter who it is!!!

Haaa… lots of thinking for a day…. See, how interesting things we talk about and come out with new findings and fundu fundas… 😀

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