Yesterday I had this talk with one of my friend Y and something came up which I had never given a thought to!!!

Yeah, we were talking and he said “assume there is a group of boys having a tour of the city and they start talking on a topic when they start the tour. What do you think they would be talking about after half an hour during the tour??

I was almost clueless. I tried answering though. I said they might be talking on the same topic. Then he said may be they will be talking on the same topic but the scope of discussion would have been expanded. For example they would have started talking about a place for example Rajwada, then they would talk about Indore, and then India and the world. The discussion expands, the scope widens.

I guess it is right. He concluded that boys always come out of a situation, topic or particular problem in this way. “Ladke bahar aate jate hain”

And then we discussed the same case for girls. What girls do is that they keep going into the topic. They narrow down things and in most of the cases they bring the things to their personal level or something related to their life.

Like take the same case. The girls will start talking about Rajwada, then they will talk about the surroundings, then some of the famous shops there, their first visit there, their memories related to that place and their importance for them etc etc. This is just an example, may not be absolutely true but just to give you an idea.

So, in this way girls keep going into it. “Ladkiya andar ghusti jati hain”. The girls narrow down their focus and goes into the depth of the topic or a problem.

And this particular difference or we can say contradiction in both genders’ thought process leads to their way of response to a particular problem or situation.

When confronted with a problem, guys easily overcome it or they get out of it keeping it aside and taking a view from outside and they are able to carry on with other things normally. On the other sides, girls get into the problem, get consumed by it and feel like all other aspects of their life are being affected by this particular problem!!!

And yes, I think understanding of this difference can lead to lesser misunderstandings in any relationship and also if they apply their minds together, they would be complementary to each other.

Seems quite true…!!! What do you think guys?? Do you have any different views on this?? Do let me know.