It’s quite a lazy day for me… and also one such day when you find yourself wondering what’s happening in my life!!! Nothing seems to add up to something good and it feels like something is missing…

I am kinda strange.. I want things to change and want my life to keep moving but at the same time I have got into a comfort zone where whenever some change seems to be happening I am all skeptical and nervous… I feel happy to postpone the change and try to extend the present as much as I can. Human mind is really incomprehensible or who knows if its only me… I am not sure if it is just another symptom of my madness!!!

Talking about this I got reminded of a sher and it goes like this:

“Jin raasto ko humne chun liya,
unka ab hum pe nasha chha raha hai,
Koi manjilo se kah de thoda peechhe ho jaye,
hume to ab chalane me hi majaa aa raha hai….”

Sometimes, you get so used to certain life style and some habits that you just don’t want to change anything and wish the life to keep moving with the same pace in the same way.

But have to admit that change is inevitable and only constant… and it helps to bring some freshness in life so one needs to keep changing with changes taking place in life and keep growing and moving…

Wish you all for the positive changes and happiness always.. 🙂