I just stumbled upon a quote about love which sort of said that Love can not be defined and can only be experienced. This means there isn’t any unanimous definition of love and everyone has his / her own definition of love based on what they experience… right??

So, just a curious thought popped up in my noisy mind “What if two people are in love with each other and they both have a different definition of love?? A little difference is expected but what in case where both are having completely different ideas about what love is and what does it take to be in love?

Such a relationship is surely bound to fail sooner than later in the absence of clear and specific communication from both ends and it certainly calls for striking a balance so as to come to a common definition agreeable to both the partners. You know being on the same page kinda…

Hmm… Let me not get too philosophical and boring here. I just wanted to say that already there is this difference between the thinking pattern and behavior of males and females which is hard to be understood by each other and as if it wasn’t enough, we people have got this uncertainty over definition of love… haaa… lot of complexity and my sweet small noisy mind!!! 😉 😀

Such a difficult life and such a complex world it is!!!