We as human beings, have our own drawbacks, fears and imperfections. And I believe there’s nothing wrong in it. It’s right that one should continuously strive for self-improvement but none can ever be perfect. And what’s the fun in life if we are always right and totally perfect. Life’s real fun is in imperfection only.

But some people like to pretend themselves as perfect. They want to be perceived as above simple human beings, they like to talk big. Not only do they talk, they actually nurture their misconceptions about themselves and don’t admit that they are wrong even after failing trials again and again.

Yeah!! there are people who would say that I don’t expect anything from anyone, I am a self-reliant man and some would say that I have complete control on my mind and thought process and nothing can bother me. Some people brag about their bravery, some blabber about their extra ordinary capability of resisting temptations, some are proud of never losing temper etc etc.

I mean what’s the point in telling all these big things if you can’t actually prove them through practice. These things would matter only if others say those good things about us instead of us telling others about ourselves.

Well, whatever!!!

For me it is more important to be a normal simple human being full of all the imperfections such as attachment, expectations, anger and irritation, a bit of dependence on others etc. This is what makes us human. The only thing is that there needs to be a balance and an easy to handle mix of imperfections and good qualities.

I don’t know about others but honestly speaking I enjoy my imperfection!!!

An Afterthought: If God would have wanted us to be perfect, he would have created us like that only.