The world is a mixture of all type of people good, bad, rich, poor, charming, filthy etc etc.

Often it happens that good people get discouraged due to bad people because bad or not so good people outweigh good ones. Good people may get disheartened by lack of support or rather opposition or criticism by not so good people and after some time they may try to adopt to the ways of not so good people just to get their acceptance. After all we human beings are social animals and crave for the acceptance by the society. None can live alone out of the society.

But I believe that the good people, the right ones,  should not think of themselves as unworthy of being part of the group of those not so good people, they should not take this as their nonacceptance by such people and feel upset or try to change their way. Instead, they should carry on with all the goodness, all the right principles and beliefs they have.

Its not they who are not fit for others, its others who can not match their high level… its not they who don’t deserve company, its those not so good people who aren’t any good to even sit with them.