One of my friends always seeks for perfection in everything. She likes doing things perfectly and expects people to do the same. It was OK with her but recently it has started causing her all the stress and trouble.


The thing is that she didn’t realize since when she started expecting herself to be a perfect person. May be this expectation was always there but wasn’t giving her much of the trouble but it came on surface because the intensity of this need for perfection grew and started causing her some problems recently.

Yes, for quite sometime she was unknowingly trying to change herself based on comments of people around. Like if someone said to her that you should not be so touchy or if someone said why do you talk like that? Or don’t be too sensitive etc etc. She would get disturbed and start thinking of herself negatively. And the next moment she would resolve not to be like that and to improve so that people don’t have complaints from her, her nature and behavior.This in turn made her life more difficult because of her not being able to be her natural self and also not being able to freely express herself, her views and opinions about things.

The problem with her was that she didn’t realize that first of all it is not easy to change one’s basic nature at once because how we are now is the result of all the years of good and bad experiences and incidences of our life through out. Secondly, If she would keep minding each and everyone’s view about her she won’t be herself anymore and will make her own life miserable. Third, she failed to understand that it is not possible to please all and more importantly we are not here in this world to please each & everyone. And last but not the least, everyone has their own flaws and shortcomings, no one is perfect in this world & hence it is useless to think about being the one without any flaws.

Though I myself believe in continuously striving towards perfection and keep trying to be a better person yet according to me what matters more is being the best one can be.

And just think about it “if everyone would be perfect in the world how boring it would get here…” šŸ˜‰

So, here’s my personal aim: “Not to try to be perfect instead to try & find someone who can accept me with all my imperfections…” šŸ™‚