The other day, I stumbled upon an interesting quote while surfing internet.

It was “You have to accept some days you are the pigeon and some days you are the statue”

I thought so true!!!! Whoever said that seems to be someone very good with the words and I would like to assume that has also been through many ups and downs in life but not very sure of this.

Well, what I wanted to say quoting this quote here was that I believe almost everyone amongst us experiences this in our daily life as we go about our personal and professional routine though more so in professional life.

But then, what happens is that we keep crying about the times when we are the statue & get so bogged down by all the troubles created by the pigeons that we forget to celebrate the times when we are the pigeon, without even realizing it!!! We keep sitting brooding over it and forget the fact that we have whole sky before us to fly freely and reach to new highs….

What do you people think about it??? Do you agree with me or have some other opinion about it???