Do you think it is a good idea to try to get someone’s attention by ignoring them or pretending to be ignoring them and showing off like you don’t care whether they are there or not while actually all you want is to be in their company???

Do you think it is wise to waste whatever good time you could have with someone by playing indifferent and unconcerned to that person in the hope that they would notice and would try to earn your attention and time?? I don’t think so. I think in this way you actually ruin all your chances to be even good friends with them let alone being close friends…

Actually, if you fail to decide the limit of your indifference and avoidance and keep on doing this even when the other person takes an initiative, you might actually lose them. Because if you want someone to fight for your friendship, your time and your company then first you have to get that importance in their life, you have to be a part of their life and then only you can make them miss you and your friendship. But if you are not in that situation to enjoy that luxury and you keep on playing indifferent, unconcerned and hard to get types you may actually make them used to your absence in their life.