Yesterday got an SMS and it goes like:

“Har baar mukaddar ko dosh dena theek nahi hai, kabhi-2 hum bhi hadd se jyada maang lete hain”

(It’s not right to blame luck all the time, because sometimes we too wish for more than what we deserve)

Hmm… this made me think is it really so??? Do we sometimes wish for more than what we deserve??? But then the question is who can decide what we deserve? I mean how do we know what we deserve and what not? And what’s the point in having limits on our wishes?? I feel that if we will wish for less than we’ll definitely put that much effort only and will get that only and may be less than that in some cases. So, I think we should not limit our wishes, we should wish for more and aim high but yes, at the same time should not get disheartened by failing to achieve all what we had wished for and must keep trying.

I believe it’s right when Simran’s mom says to her (in DDLJ) – “Sapne dekho par unke poore hone ki shart mat rakho”. Keep dreaming but if they don’t come true don’t stop dreaming… keep weaving new dreams, new plans, pursue them with all the determination and ultimately you’ll feel the luck to be on your side. 🙂

So, keep dreaming high guys…!!!