It’s time to move… yes, to move cities. It’s not that easy, especially for someone like me. I have this habit of getting used to my surroundings, my life style and my belongings like they are never gonna change. I know change is always a bit hard to adapt to. But I also know that I have always been good with getting adapted to changes, it’s just the thought of leaving everything behind and starting a new life in a new unknown city makes me a bit jittery.

I still remember how I used to be home sick and kept on wishing to be able to go back to home when I first came here 9 and half years ago. Yes, 9 and half years quite a long time it is… No matter how bad and lonely I felt in starting, it has proved to be a right decision for my personal and professional growth. If my mom had not have shown the determination to send me here for my studies, everything would have been different and I am sure I wouldn’t have anything to be proud of or to count as an achievement. I can’t imagine how different and ordinary my life would have been, had this change had not have happened.

This city has given me so much more than I could have ever wished for. Close friends, good job, many experiences – some good, some bad and some I will never forget. It has made me self dependent, self confident and most of all it has made me see the world with a different perspective. The biggest change which had happened almost 10 years back, has been the best decision for shaping my personality and giving my life a kick start in the right direction and I hope another change / move which is going to happen now would also help bring out my best and would make me even better and stronger person.

I just feel that though any big change makes us feel a bit nervous, dubious and reluctant for the time being, yet in the long time it just proves to be a right turn in the journey of life and justifies itself as a good move by giving us either an opportunity to laugh on thinking how nervous we had been in the starting and how good everything has turned up or a learning to be added in our list of experiences to be cautious next time when we take any big decision.

I am hoping everything to turn out positive while keeping my fingers crossed šŸ™‚