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Self deceptive myths about smoking.

I have often heard from people (smokers) that smoking helps in networking and it is an easy way to develop good contacts. Sometimes I wonder what about those people who neither smoke nor drink but have very good contacts and are good at networking!!! Not only that they are even very successful at what they do.

I think they have that in themselves and don’t need to be dependent on any shallow means. They must be men of substance who don’t feel the need to take an easy way out to get what they want or to reach where they want to reach. Don’t know what stops people from working  on self-improvement so as to be a coveted company for everyone irrespective of whether they drink and smoke or not!!!!

I have even met some people who have every quality required to go out and get the world but they don’t realize their own capabilities and end up wasting time with useless people with whom there is more possibility of falling down than of reaching heights.

I believe that only cowards need such refuge, for others their own capabilities and capacities are more than enough to win the world.

Value of some things which we take for granted is realized only when we are about to lose them or in some cases it happens only after we actually lose them.

I am feeling the same these days when I am about to leave behind all the good times, all the fun and cheerful times I have had with my friends here. Suddenly, time taken out to have a coffee together with a close group of friends (be it only 15 minutes) has started to seem like the best thing to do. Lunch in the canteen which used to be a chore has now become something which I look forward to. And many such small things which used to go unnoticed earlier have now become too important to miss.

I feel like gathering as much memories and have as much fun as I can in these last days. It is because I know I am going to a new place, new surroundings and where finding such nice friends would not be an easy thing, given the fact that I am not good at initiating conversation and approaching people.

I must admit here that last two years have been some of the best times I have had during my life in the city. I so wish it to go on the same way as it is but law of nature is something which is not in human control – “It is very rightly said that change is the only constant in the world”. So, it is time for me to move on for my own improvement, for my career growth and for the greater enrichment of my personal and professional knowledge. It’s time to go out and meet new people, to make some more friends and to get some new experiences in life.

Would like to sum it up by quoting that no matter how lovely a city is, it is the people around who make it worth living in it and I have been lucky enough to have such nice people around 🙂