It’s been a long time since I wrote last. I really missed writing and reading during last one month but somehow wasn’t getting time for these hobbies because of being busy in shifting, joining new job and getting adjusted here. These days I have so much to do that some days I really wish for a day of more than 24 hours!!! Life has changed completely. I am far from family, friends and fun, starting a totally new inning with a conviction of reaching new heights in my career and confident of the way I have chosen for myself.

ImageThough I still sometimes wish to go back to earlier routine and easy life but at the same time I am loving the challenges lying ahead – challenge of excelling in my new job role, challenge of being comfortable at this new place, challenge of living up to people’s expectations from me, challenge of leading a team of reportees, challenge of handling operations of a branch single handed. And the challenge of taking time out for myself, my hobbies and my well being.

My funda is simple here – “Think positive and be optimistic

And one thing which makes me positive and confident about my chosen way is my belief that “Whatever happens happens for a reason

That’s it for this time guys… Will try to write more frequently now and will keep sharing the noise of my mind here 😉