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Tujhe bhula diya O…

Dedicated to my love… My life which I have left behind….

To the lovely city – Indore

“Tujhe bhula diya o, tujhe bhula diya o… phir kyu teri yaado ne mujhe rula diya o… mujhe rula diya…..”


M lovinnnn it!!!!

Moonlit night, lonely me lost in your thoughts, a cup of hot ginger tea and soothing music…. 🙂

I am loving it 🙂 😀 🙂

What a fool I am!!! Every weekend I log on to Facebook hoping more people available online due to it being weekend and find that even the regulars are not online… I forget everyone’s not spending their weekend like me sitting at home…. How boring my life has become these days… 😦


but what to do?? A great man has said that “kuch pane ke liye kuch khona padta hai 😉

Happy weekend to all!!!! Have fun and keep rocking 🙂 😀

How true!!!

Read it somewhere and loved it… so sharing it here…

Benaam Sa Ye Dard, Thehar Kyon Nahi Jata, Jo Beet Gaya Hai, Woh Guzar Kyon Nahi Jata,
Sab Kuch To Hai, Kya Dhundti Rahti Hai Nigahe, Kya Baat Hai Main Waqt Pe Ghar Kyon Nahi Jata,
Woh Ek Hi Chehra To, Nahi Sare Jahan Mein, Jo Dur Hai Woh Dil Se Utar Kyon Nahi Jata,
Main Apni Hi Uljhi Hui Raho Ka Tamasha, Jate Hain Jidhar Sab, Main Udhar Kyon Nahi Jata,
Woh Naam Jo Barso Se, Na Chehra Na Badan Hai, Woh Khawaab Agar Hai To Bikhar Kyo Nahi Jata???

I have started realizing now that my mind is as stubborn as me…. in fact more stubborn than me I think…

The more I try to convince myself that this is the way of life and I have to adapt to it as early as possible, have to learn to be happy with how it is now because I don’t have control on the events of life…. I try to convince my mind that it is not possible to have everything it thinks and wishes for… but all goes in vain… in turn my mind keeps convincing me that things will change soon, I will get all what I wish for and I will again be surrounded by happiness and fun. My mind ultimately doesn’t let me compromise and accept what is and make me strive for what it wants me to have….

What do you people think who is right?? me or mind??

What is the right way of life – to make peace with the present however it may not be exactly how you would like it to be but not that bad at the same time or to keep dreaming about how you would like it to be while going about your daily life and suffer restlessness of mind??

Right now my mind is very adamant on its point and I am still trying to win it over with no success at all…. and you know the height is that my mind keeps telling me to believe that thoughts become things… haaaa…. I can only say here that “Man lafanga bada, apne man ki kare….”