It’s been 4 months since I have changed my job and have moved to a new city but still some days I miss my old routine. I miss that bus ride early in the morning to reach office which I used to enjoy with a novel in my hands and earplugs in my ears…

I still miss that daily lunch with my best of friends cum colleagues and those funny stupid jokes & PJs. I sometimes wish to go back and have those back to home bus rides with friends where we used to forget day’s hardships while sharing our day’s funny, irritating or strange events and office gossip 😀

Well, the list of thing I miss is long but what I want to say is no matter how much you start liking your new life, new job etc it’s the first one, be it job, be it real love or any other first experience, which always remains close to heart.

People say one should not carry past and should keep moving on but what they don’t realize or don’t say openly is even if you move on and start enjoying the changes, all the good and pleasant experience of past get etched in your subconscious mind and keeps coming on surface from time to time…

So, what I have learnt here from my experiences that it’s not wise to run away from past instead the wisdom is in making peace with the past and keep smiling on those pleasant experiences which we got to experience by God’s grace… 🙂 while putting our lessons learnt into action so as to ensure not to make same mistakes in future… !!!

According to me no one can ever move on completely but can still be happy by just making peace with past 🙂