Sometimes I myself wonder how confused soul I am!!! I am never sure about what I want in life… And that’s the reason why I use passive technique instead of active approach to life.. since I myself am not clear I avoid taking decisions and taking steps to change the status quo and wait for the next change that is brought by life itself.. Whenever, life presents me a situation where I have to take a decision and do something to bring about a change I find myself resisting to go ahead and make it happen as I am afraid of it turning out worse than the current situation.. I feel like interfering in nature’s events.. somewhere deep in my mind I have a belief that whatever will happen on its own would be the best thing for me.. but I hv also realized through experience that I have lost so many opportunities due to this thought process.. So, with this self realization I have decided to take my life in my hands and to do what it takes to bring in the positive change and success.. even if it turns out to be not as expected I will have the satisfaction of being in charge of my life and there would be no regrets of not trying And what’s the excitement in living a day as it comes.. the real fun lies in living the day as you want it to be.. So, I hv decided to take the driver’s seat in my journey.. what about you?