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A recent incident in my neibourhood made me wonder where has the childhood innocence been lost… and where the next generation is actually heading to…??

Around a week back a mother scolded her 10 year old son for something which she didn’t approve of him… and guess what that boy did to retort…

He attempted suicide by trying to strangulate himself…. fortunately, one of his family member saw and he was saved…

This whole incident left me thinking and wondering what inspired him to take this step… was he trying to play a prank??

I mean at the age of 10 we didn’t know what suicide is or even if we knew.. just a scolding from parents was not the reason enough to end life for us… and pranks? Our pranks were also funny and harmless and not anything so serius…

I am still confused… are the kids today losing the innocence or they are being forced to lose the innocence due to immense pressure and innumerable expectations from them???


Kites in the Sky…

Like a kite in the sky… Let me fly high and so high…

Happy Makar Sankranti to all!!!!

Makar Sankranti is one of the festivals which makes me really nostalgic and makes me feel like going back to my childhood days… sigh!!!

I really love this festival because of it being associated with kites… yup I am so fond of flying kites… I remember those days when I was in school and in winters the only thing which we used to do after coming from school was to go to the terrace and fly kites. Makar Sankranti is celebrated every year on 14th Jan. but we used to start the celebration since December itself.

What a fun it used to be!!! Me and my friends, some kites flying, some torn, some lost and lots of chit chat, snacks  & loads of fun… 🙂 When it used to get little dark in the evening and kite flying wasn’t possible we used to play various games like ice – water, corner-2 etc. 😀

Such wonderful memories this festival brings with itself…

I wish I could fly kites now also not for a month straight but at least on this day of Makar Sankranti…

Anyways, wish you all a great start of the year with the first festival of the year…. May it bring all the goodness and happiness to you 🙂

Happy Children’s Day!!!

Happy Children’s day!!!

I believe there is a child inside each of us who wants to come out some or the other times. But most of the times we don’t let it. We try to suppress it and some people even go to the extent of almost killing it completely. I think we should let that child within us live. Because that is the one who helps us to remain human in this time of cut throat competition, rat race and stress generated due to that. It’s only because of that innocence and cuteness of a child this world is still beautiful and worth living.

Here are my 3 poems expressing common phenomenon among people now-a-days:

Chhupa hai mere man me wo ab bhi kahi
Deta hai haule – haule wo dastak bhi kabhi
Machal jata hai kabhi kabhi kuch paane ko
Bahut kuch kahna chahta hai is zamane ko

Ye soch ke daba rakha hai bachpan ko maine
ki kahi zamana ise meri kamzori na samajh le…


Arre karna padta hai kuch umra ka bhi lihaz yaaro
Kyuki kuch aisa hi hai zamane ka bhi riwaz yaaro
Hans na de koi mujhe bachkana samajhkar
isliye pahana hai samajhdaari ka ye naqaab yaaro!!!


Dil tut jaya karta tha kisi khilone ko na pakar
Aur ro diya karte the chhoti-2 baato pe hum
1 chhoti si parle G toffee bhi khush kar jati thi
Yu hi bas hullad machate, ghoomate the befikar

Aaj dil tutne ki wajahe utni chhoti nahi
Par phir bhi hum ab ro nahi sakte
aur jaha bhar ki suvidhaye juta le par
kal ki chinta me chain se so nahi sakte.