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A recent incident in my neibourhood made me wonder where has the childhood innocence been lost… and where the next generation is actually heading to…??

Around a week back a mother scolded her 10 year old son for something which she didn’t approve of him… and guess what that boy did to retort…

He attempted suicide by trying to strangulate himself…. fortunately, one of his family member saw and he was saved…

This whole incident left me thinking and wondering what inspired him to take this step… was he trying to play a prank??

I mean at the age of 10 we didn’t know what suicide is or even if we knew.. just a scolding from parents was not the reason enough to end life for us… and pranks? Our pranks were also funny and harmless and not anything so serius…

I am still confused… are the kids today losing the innocence or they are being forced to lose the innocence due to immense pressure and innumerable expectations from them???


You all might have had different observations and experiences of how things are in today’s corporate world. I have also had my share of experiences in the corporate world accumulated during last 6 years. But recently I have developed a new formula by my experiences lately. And it is like “Degree of Humanity in a person is equally opposite of the grade he/she holds.”

I know many people would have pointed it out earlier also but I am stating this now because I have felt it deep recently. The higher one goes on the corporate ladder, the lesser is the humanity in that person.

Or is it the opposite??? That whoever grows more inhuman takes the easy steps to the top of the corporate ladder.


Well, that’s something to be seen. I think I am not yet experienced enough to decide which statement is right.

Friends!!! Please share your views also on my observations and solve my dilemma whether growth leads to inhumanity or inhumanity leads to growth.

I have often heard from people (smokers) that smoking helps in networking and it is an easy way to develop good contacts. Sometimes I wonder what about those people who neither smoke nor drink but have very good contacts and are good at networking!!! Not only that they are even very successful at what they do.

I think they have that in themselves and don’t need to be dependent on any shallow means. They must be men of substance who don’t feel the need to take an easy way out to get what they want or to reach where they want to reach. Don’t know what stops people from working  on self-improvement so as to be a coveted company for everyone irrespective of whether they drink and smoke or not!!!!

I have even met some people who have every quality required to go out and get the world but they don’t realize their own capabilities and end up wasting time with useless people with whom there is more possibility of falling down than of reaching heights.

I believe that only cowards need such refuge, for others their own capabilities and capacities are more than enough to win the world.