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“Oh! You are just like my daughter” said her mother in law and she took her words on face value…

“Oh! You can be yourself and you can go anywhere you want to, you can wear what you want to” said her mother in law and she believed her…

Oh! You have all the rights for decision making as it’s your house said her mother in law and she was happy like never before…

And she lived unhappily ever after being like a daughter and not the daughter, asking for permission even to go her room for taking rest and obeying the decisions of in laws in “her own house” #indiandaughterinlaw


You all might have had different observations and experiences of how things are in today’s corporate world. I have also had my share of experiences in the corporate world accumulated during last 6 years. But recently I have developed a new formula by my experiences lately. And it is like “Degree of Humanity in a person is equally opposite of the grade he/she holds.”

I know many people would have pointed it out earlier also but I am stating this now because I have felt it deep recently. The higher one goes on the corporate ladder, the lesser is the humanity in that person.

Or is it the opposite??? That whoever grows more inhuman takes the easy steps to the top of the corporate ladder.


Well, that’s something to be seen. I think I am not yet experienced enough to decide which statement is right.

Friends!!! Please share your views also on my observations and solve my dilemma whether growth leads to inhumanity or inhumanity leads to growth.

I have often heard from people (smokers) that smoking helps in networking and it is an easy way to develop good contacts. Sometimes I wonder what about those people who neither smoke nor drink but have very good contacts and are good at networking!!! Not only that they are even very successful at what they do.

I think they have that in themselves and don’t need to be dependent on any shallow means. They must be men of substance who don’t feel the need to take an easy way out to get what they want or to reach where they want to reach. Don’t know what stops people from working  on self-improvement so as to be a coveted company for everyone irrespective of whether they drink and smoke or not!!!!

I have even met some people who have every quality required to go out and get the world but they don’t realize their own capabilities and end up wasting time with useless people with whom there is more possibility of falling down than of reaching heights.

I believe that only cowards need such refuge, for others their own capabilities and capacities are more than enough to win the world.

Do you think it is a good idea to try to get someone’s attention by ignoring them or pretending to be ignoring them and showing off like you don’t care whether they are there or not while actually all you want is to be in their company???

Do you think it is wise to waste whatever good time you could have with someone by playing indifferent and unconcerned to that person in the hope that they would notice and would try to earn your attention and time?? I don’t think so. I think in this way you actually ruin all your chances to be even good friends with them let alone being close friends…

Actually, if you fail to decide the limit of your indifference and avoidance and keep on doing this even when the other person takes an initiative, you might actually lose them. Because if you want someone to fight for your friendship, your time and your company then first you have to get that importance in their life, you have to be a part of their life and then only you can make them miss you and your friendship. But if you are not in that situation to enjoy that luxury and you keep on playing indifferent, unconcerned and hard to get types you may actually make them used to your absence in their life.

One of my friends always seeks for perfection in everything. She likes doing things perfectly and expects people to do the same. It was OK with her but recently it has started causing her all the stress and trouble.


The thing is that she didn’t realize since when she started expecting herself to be a perfect person. May be this expectation was always there but wasn’t giving her much of the trouble but it came on surface because the intensity of this need for perfection grew and started causing her some problems recently.

Yes, for quite sometime she was unknowingly trying to change herself based on comments of people around. Like if someone said to her that you should not be so touchy or if someone said why do you talk like that? Or don’t be too sensitive etc etc. She would get disturbed and start thinking of herself negatively. And the next moment she would resolve not to be like that and to improve so that people don’t have complaints from her, her nature and behavior.This in turn made her life more difficult because of her not being able to be her natural self and also not being able to freely express herself, her views and opinions about things.

The problem with her was that she didn’t realize that first of all it is not easy to change one’s basic nature at once because how we are now is the result of all the years of good and bad experiences and incidences of our life through out. Secondly, If she would keep minding each and everyone’s view about her she won’t be herself anymore and will make her own life miserable. Third, she failed to understand that it is not possible to please all and more importantly we are not here in this world to please each & everyone. And last but not the least, everyone has their own flaws and shortcomings, no one is perfect in this world & hence it is useless to think about being the one without any flaws.

Though I myself believe in continuously striving towards perfection and keep trying to be a better person yet according to me what matters more is being the best one can be.

And just think about it “if everyone would be perfect in the world how boring it would get here…” 😉

So, here’s my personal aim: “Not to try to be perfect instead to try & find someone who can accept me with all my imperfections…” 🙂

The world is a mixture of all type of people good, bad, rich, poor, charming, filthy etc etc.

Often it happens that good people get discouraged due to bad people because bad or not so good people outweigh good ones. Good people may get disheartened by lack of support or rather opposition or criticism by not so good people and after some time they may try to adopt to the ways of not so good people just to get their acceptance. After all we human beings are social animals and crave for the acceptance by the society. None can live alone out of the society.

But I believe that the good people, the right ones,  should not think of themselves as unworthy of being part of the group of those not so good people, they should not take this as their nonacceptance by such people and feel upset or try to change their way. Instead, they should carry on with all the goodness, all the right principles and beliefs they have.

Its not they who are not fit for others, its others who can not match their high level… its not they who don’t deserve company, its those not so good people who aren’t any good to even sit with them.

Imperfection makes us human

We as human beings, have our own drawbacks, fears and imperfections. And I believe there’s nothing wrong in it. It’s right that one should continuously strive for self-improvement but none can ever be perfect. And what’s the fun in life if we are always right and totally perfect. Life’s real fun is in imperfection only.

But some people like to pretend themselves as perfect. They want to be perceived as above simple human beings, they like to talk big. Not only do they talk, they actually nurture their misconceptions about themselves and don’t admit that they are wrong even after failing trials again and again.

Yeah!! there are people who would say that I don’t expect anything from anyone, I am a self-reliant man and some would say that I have complete control on my mind and thought process and nothing can bother me. Some people brag about their bravery, some blabber about their extra ordinary capability of resisting temptations, some are proud of never losing temper etc etc.

I mean what’s the point in telling all these big things if you can’t actually prove them through practice. These things would matter only if others say those good things about us instead of us telling others about ourselves.

Well, whatever!!!

For me it is more important to be a normal simple human being full of all the imperfections such as attachment, expectations, anger and irritation, a bit of dependence on others etc. This is what makes us human. The only thing is that there needs to be a balance and an easy to handle mix of imperfections and good qualities.

I don’t know about others but honestly speaking I enjoy my imperfection!!!

An Afterthought: If God would have wanted us to be perfect, he would have created us like that only.

Selfish & Ironic!!!

One of my friend told me about this incidence today which made me think how selfish people can be!!!

She said about one of her colleague who told her about how his wife takes pain of cooking for him early morning even after having some health related issue and being unable to walk properly because of a sprain in leg. He said that she doesn’t let me come without tiffin no matter what…

And later the same day, my friend saw the same person enjoying smoking with others without any guilt of lying to that very caring wife who doesn’t even has a clue about his smoking habit…

How selfish and disrespectful of him!!! The wife doesn’t let him come without lunch so that he doesn’t have to eat canteen food and here he is risking his health and mocking her care & love with the smoke…. Ironic!!!

Yesterday I had this talk with one of my friend Y and something came up which I had never given a thought to!!!

Yeah, we were talking and he said “assume there is a group of boys having a tour of the city and they start talking on a topic when they start the tour. What do you think they would be talking about after half an hour during the tour??

I was almost clueless. I tried answering though. I said they might be talking on the same topic. Then he said may be they will be talking on the same topic but the scope of discussion would have been expanded. For example they would have started talking about a place for example Rajwada, then they would talk about Indore, and then India and the world. The discussion expands, the scope widens.

I guess it is right. He concluded that boys always come out of a situation, topic or particular problem in this way. “Ladke bahar aate jate hain”

And then we discussed the same case for girls. What girls do is that they keep going into the topic. They narrow down things and in most of the cases they bring the things to their personal level or something related to their life.

Like take the same case. The girls will start talking about Rajwada, then they will talk about the surroundings, then some of the famous shops there, their first visit there, their memories related to that place and their importance for them etc etc. This is just an example, may not be absolutely true but just to give you an idea.

So, in this way girls keep going into it. “Ladkiya andar ghusti jati hain”. The girls narrow down their focus and goes into the depth of the topic or a problem.

And this particular difference or we can say contradiction in both genders’ thought process leads to their way of response to a particular problem or situation.

When confronted with a problem, guys easily overcome it or they get out of it keeping it aside and taking a view from outside and they are able to carry on with other things normally. On the other sides, girls get into the problem, get consumed by it and feel like all other aspects of their life are being affected by this particular problem!!!

And yes, I think understanding of this difference can lead to lesser misunderstandings in any relationship and also if they apply their minds together, they would be complementary to each other.

Seems quite true…!!! What do you think guys?? Do you have any different views on this?? Do let me know.

 Why is it like people try to prove their choice superior to others’ choice? And try to convince them to agree on the point that their choice is better.

Yes, I have seen people ready to do anything to prove their point and alter the other person’s mind. Why can’t they understand that everyone’s different and so are their choices and likings. And if one can’t respect others’ choices, they are expected to voice their thoughts, tell the logic behind and leave the decision on the person to accept their views or not. It’s that person’s discretion whether to act upon it and change his opinion or to hold on his original thought.

Let me tell you about a real life situation to make my point clear. Everyone who knows me knows that SRK is my favourite actor. There was a time when I was mad about him and was just like any other crazy diehard fan. But with time, I have changed from a crazy girl to a mature fan of SRK.

But many of my friends don’t like him now (they say they used to like him earlier but not now). So?? So, I don’t have any problem with their stance on him. But I have a problem when they try to prove that whoever they like now is much better than SRK, they try to make fun of him, they try to point out his follies, they deliberately talk negative about him, his choice of films and his interviews.  They try to convince me to change my opinion about him. Why should I if I don’t share those views?? They say they like to tease me but when I give no ear to what all they say they kinda get mad and that shows that they are trying to convince me to dislike him instead of just teasing me.

I like SRK because of his acting skills, his smartness, intelligence, acumen, his ability to rise to that level from a middle class family and that too on his own. I like him because he is the only one actor who has never been talked about for any link ups with other girls. I like him because of his wits, his business knowledge and his ability to connect with public. I don’t deny the fact that he is a bit arrogant and loud about his achievements but that can’t be used to discount all his good qualities.

I know that the people who have decided not to like him and closed their mind can’t see all these qualities but I at least expect them to respect others’ choice or liking for someone and if not that, at least they are expected not to mock citing some silly weightless incidences / points about him.

And in the end, let me tell even if they don’t stop, it won’t make any difference to me as it has always been. I am not going to change my mind, not anytime soon… & yes, I like it when even after all the efforts my friends are clueless about what more to do to make me lose my temper… ha ha ha 😀