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Hey all!! First of all wishing u a very very joyous and fabulous year 2013.


Sorry for wishing you late but better late than never 🙂

This new year is much more special for me as year 2012 went leaving a gift for lifetime. Yes, I got married last month and entered in the new year with my life partner. Isn’t it great???


And you know what I am loving it… I love this feeling, I love my new surname and I love how God has chosen him for me. In fact I wonder at God’s ways of bringing complete strangers together.

All in all what I can say is “Mujhe to teri lat lag gayi ;)”


I am wondering why can’t one take a person as he/she actually is?? Why do they want their loved ones to be how they like them to be?? I mean everybody has a mix of characteristics, some good and some bad ones. And none in the world is perfect or having only goodie goodie qualities. We all have our flaws. Then why don’t we realize and accept this fact while dealing with our close ones. And why do we often fail to understand that if someone is trying to make peace with our flaws then we should also try & do the same.

Why someone who is strong and self dependent for the world can not open up and show his/her weak side to the ones who he/she feels will understand him/her and will help him/her to overcome those fears & doubts? Why people are afraid in showing what they really are and how they actually feel? They are afraid that if someone will see their weak side, their frailty, their vulnerability, they will go away or they will start pitying them instead of loving them for what good qualities they have.

It is because in the process of becoming friends or getting into a relationship people start liking the other person because of their good qualities and thus they ignore their flaws in the beginning but as the time passes by, the flaws start to get noticed more than the pleasing qualities and then begins the test of a relationship. Then starts fights, debates, ignorance, miscommunication and a G A P. And then people start saying to each other “Arre you have changed a lot, you were never like this”. It is said that successful relationship depends on acceptance of flaws along with the goodies but in reality this much understanding in a relationship is a rare case.

Well, What I have understood as of now, is that the best friend or the best person to be with is the one with whom you can be yourself. With whom you don’t need to pretend anything, you can be what you are and you can do what you want to do.

Hope you all have found that one person and if not then best of luck for the search… 🙂