Tears started rolling down his cheeks… she was stunned to see her husband cry… this was the sight she hated to have seen… 

He had always been strong and had been her pillar of strength and courage and now what was she witnessing is he is crying!! And crying unstoppable.

She thought of it and felt somewhat relieved as she knew that these are tears of self-realization and guilt. She knew that he has come to understand the damage he had caused to his own daughter just because of following orthodox ways of the society. 

Today only after a year and half of the marriage, his daughter has come to him after sudden death of her husband. Her in-laws have sent her back saying that they can not bear hers and her a year old baby’s responsibility.

Their daughter who wanted to study and become a doctor had been married off at an early age and had been denied her right even to complete her graduation let alone medical studies. He was of the view that the groom is well-educated, earns reasonably well and family is well off hence she doesn’t need to study further and would be happy at her new home.

Today, seeing her helpless and lost for inspiration broke him completely. He had now understood the importance of education in girl’s life too for making them self-dependent and able to handle such unpredictable situations.

He wiped tears of her daughter who was sobbing on his shoulders continuously and in that very moment he made a decision to equip her with the most powerful tool for her self-dependence… he had decided to let her study and complete her education at any cost.