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Lovely Weekends :)

Weekends, weekends, weekends!!! Its a weekend again… and I can’t tell how much I love them 🙂 🙂 🙂


Yup! Never have loved weekend as much as I do now… Why? You may ask….

Just because weekend is the time I get to spend with my hubby and know what!!! he’s so much fun to be with… In routine life with our busy office schedule it gets difficult to spend some time together… So, weekends are all we have to treasure.

By the way, weekend has always been much awaited for me being a lazy bum… I used to wait for weekend in child hood just to sleep till late in the morning… in college also for the same reason and also for some fun and shopping…

And the importance of weekends grew the most when I started working… 🙂 Any one who works 6 days a week can understand what a weekend means in such case!!!

And now when I have some one to enjoy my weekend with I wait for it more eagerly… on weekends It feels like time is flying and its over too soon… coz we have so much to do, so many works to finish and lots of masti and dhamal…

And on Monday, :(:(:( this is how I am…

When I wake up on Monday, one song echoes in my head and that is… Bloody khooni Monday…..http://mp3lx.com/play.php?q=Rk9iU29rcTc2Q1E=&tl=Khoon%20Choosle%20Song%20Go%20Goa%20Gone%20ft

 I wish weekends could be bit longer….

For now just watch this video and laugh your heart out:


Boring weekends :(

What a fool I am!!! Every weekend I log on to Facebook hoping more people available online due to it being weekend and find that even the regulars are not online… I forget everyone’s not spending their weekend like me sitting at home…. How boring my life has become these days… 😦


but what to do?? A great man has said that “kuch pane ke liye kuch khona padta hai 😉

Happy weekend to all!!!! Have fun and keep rocking 🙂 😀