Tears started rolling down his cheeks… she was stunned to see her husband cry… this was the sight she hated to have seen… 

He had always been strong and had been her pillar of strength and courage and now what was she witnessing is he is crying!! And crying unstoppable.

She thought of it and felt somewhat relieved as she knew that these are tears of self-realization and guilt. She knew that he has come to understand the damage he had caused to his own daughter just because of following orthodox ways of the society. 

Today only after a year and half of the marriage, his daughter has come to him after sudden death of her husband. Her in-laws have sent her back saying that they can not bear hers and her a year old baby’s responsibility.

Their daughter who wanted to study and become a doctor had been married off at an early age and had been denied her right even to complete her graduation let alone medical studies. He was of the view that the groom is well-educated, earns reasonably well and family is well off hence she doesn’t need to study further and would be happy at her new home.

Today, seeing her helpless and lost for inspiration broke him completely. He had now understood the importance of education in girl’s life too for making them self-dependent and able to handle such unpredictable situations.

He wiped tears of her daughter who was sobbing on his shoulders continuously and in that very moment he made a decision to equip her with the most powerful tool for her self-dependence… he had decided to let her study and complete her education at any cost.

It’s been 4 months since I have changed my job and have moved to a new city but still some days I miss my old routine. I miss that bus ride early in the morning to reach office which I used to enjoy with a novel in my hands and earplugs in my ears…

I still miss that daily lunch with my best of friends cum colleagues and those funny stupid jokes & PJs. I sometimes wish to go back and have those back to home bus rides with friends where we used to forget day’s hardships while sharing our day’s funny, irritating or strange events and office gossip šŸ˜€

Well, the list of thing I miss is long but what I want to say is no matter how much you start liking your new life, new job etc it’s the first one, be it job, be it real love or any other first experience, which always remains close to heart.

People say one should not carry past and should keep moving on but what they don’t realize or don’t say openly is even if you move on and start enjoying the changes, all the good and pleasant experience of past getĀ etched in yourĀ subconscious mind and keeps coming on surface from time to time…

So, what I have learnt here from my experiences that it’s not wise to run away from past instead the wisdom is in making peace with the past and keep smiling on those pleasant experiences which we got to experience by God’s grace… šŸ™‚ while putting our lessons learnt into action so as to ensure not to make same mistakes in future… !!!

According to me no one can ever move on completely but can still be happy by just making peace with past šŸ™‚

Optimistic me…

It’s been a long time since I wrote last. I really missed writing and reading during last one month but somehow wasn’t getting time for these hobbies because of being busy in shifting, joining new job and getting adjusted here. These days I have so much to do that some days I really wish for a day of more than 24 hours!!! Life has changed completely. I am far from family, friends and fun, starting a totally new inning with a conviction of reaching new heights in my career and confident of the way I have chosen for myself.

ImageThough I still sometimes wish to go back to earlier routine and easy life but at the same time I am loving the challenges lying ahead – challenge of excelling in my new job role, challenge of beingĀ comfortableĀ at this new place, challenge of living up to people’s expectations from me, challenge of leading a team of reportees, challenge of handling operations of a branch singleĀ handed. And the challenge of taking time out for myself, my hobbies and my well being.

My funda is simple here – “Think positive and be optimistic

And one thing which makes me positive and confident about my chosen way is my belief that “Whatever happens happens for a reason

That’s it for this time guys… Will try to write more frequently now and will keep sharing the noise of my mind here šŸ˜‰