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She had to act fast.. the decision was to be taken now… she had to come out with the solution before its too late…. It was a matter of life or death.

Her partner had backed out leaving her alone with her head whirling around and she lay there helpless and restless.. on the hospital bed waiting for the doctor to start the procedure…

A sudden gush of realization and a surge of practicality coupled with deepest emotions made her cry out loud and it was the moment she had made her mind. She stood up… she had decided to bring that life on earth… she had overcome her fears, she was a strong girl now who had satisfaction of having saved two lives- one of her unborn child and the other of herself as what was about to happen would have certainly made her die a thousand deaths every day!!!


You all might have had different observations and experiences of how things are in today’s corporate world. I have also had my share of experiences in the corporate world accumulated during last 6 years. But recently I have developed a new formula by my experiences lately. And it is like “Degree of Humanity in a person is equally opposite of the grade he/she holds.”

I know many people would have pointed it out earlier also but I am stating this now because I have felt it deep recently. The higher one goes on the corporate ladder, the lesser is the humanity in that person.

Or is it the opposite??? That whoever grows more inhuman takes the easy steps to the top of the corporate ladder.


Well, that’s something to be seen. I think I am not yet experienced enough to decide which statement is right.

Friends!!! Please share your views also on my observations and solve my dilemma whether growth leads to inhumanity or inhumanity leads to growth.


Apno se kuch upar uthkar, itna na kar gumaan ae nadaan!
ladkhadayenge kadam ek din to janega ki,
koi wazood hi nahi tera duniya me apno k bina!!

Rightly said by someone…!!!

I have started realizing now that my mind is as stubborn as me…. in fact more stubborn than me I think…

The more I try to convince myself that this is the way of life and I have to adapt to it as early as possible, have to learn to be happy with how it is now because I don’t have control on the events of life…. I try to convince my mind that it is not possible to have everything it thinks and wishes for… but all goes in vain… in turn my mind keeps convincing me that things will change soon, I will get all what I wish for and I will again be surrounded by happiness and fun. My mind ultimately doesn’t let me compromise and accept what is and make me strive for what it wants me to have….

What do you people think who is right?? me or mind??

What is the right way of life – to make peace with the present however it may not be exactly how you would like it to be but not that bad at the same time or to keep dreaming about how you would like it to be while going about your daily life and suffer restlessness of mind??

Right now my mind is very adamant on its point and I am still trying to win it over with no success at all…. and you know the height is that my mind keeps telling me to believe that thoughts become things… haaaa…. I can only say here that “Man lafanga bada, apne man ki kare….”

I have often heard from people (smokers) that smoking helps in networking and it is an easy way to develop good contacts. Sometimes I wonder what about those people who neither smoke nor drink but have very good contacts and are good at networking!!! Not only that they are even very successful at what they do.

I think they have that in themselves and don’t need to be dependent on any shallow means. They must be men of substance who don’t feel the need to take an easy way out to get what they want or to reach where they want to reach. Don’t know what stops people from working  on self-improvement so as to be a coveted company for everyone irrespective of whether they drink and smoke or not!!!!

I have even met some people who have every quality required to go out and get the world but they don’t realize their own capabilities and end up wasting time with useless people with whom there is more possibility of falling down than of reaching heights.

I believe that only cowards need such refuge, for others their own capabilities and capacities are more than enough to win the world.

Have you ever noticed that you had been so troubled and disturbed by some problem totally consuming you for a long time and uncertainty looming over making it difficult to see what’s ahead but then you forget all the hardships and bad times you have had as soon as you find solution and can see something good happening. The happiness and that one positive moment feels so huge that it feels like it was a total waste of time and energy to have remained consumed by something which has ultimately resulted into something good.

Really, today I experienced it and understood that there’s no point worrying about things…

Sooner or later everything falls into place.

One of the loveliest scene from the movie Kal ho na ho… very well written and SRK seems to have put his soul into it…  SRK IS ABSOLUTELY CAPTIVATING, SPELL BINDING, AND MESMERIZING… Hope you would feel the emotions in the scene… 🙂


Here’s one of my favorites… Used to listen to it a lot when the film got released. Y’day someone posted this link on Facebook and I got reminded of this beautiful song… posting here for you all to listen and enjoy…. 🙂

Hey all!!! So, new year is here 🙂 and I am loving it….

Started the year with lot of positive energy and peace of mind… Yup!!! It feels good to enter into a new year with fresh hopes and renewed faith… 🙂

Though nothing much seem to be changing except the date I am quite optimistic about the time to come. I am not pinning too high hopes to the coming year but I am expecting life to be enjoyable and pleasant experience containing some achievements, some great time with friends and family, some stupid fights, some silly arguments, a bit child like careless fun and many memorable moments to remember and smile upon at a later time… 😀 Ooops… I had said I am not having high hopes…. 😛

I believe having a good or bad time depends more on our own thoughts and state of mind… This year, I have decided to try to be in charge of my thoughts and emotions and not to be vulnerable in front of others. I would not let external forces guide my behavior instead I will control how I behave.

I would laugh more, read more, watch new places, make time to indulge in my neglected hobbies, learn something new and overall will try to be a more enriched person.

Well, I think I have written lots of crap and you all would have had a good laugh reading this stuff… Let me be honest and tell that I don’t know what I am gonna do after finishing this post let alone the whole year…. 😉

On a serious note I would like to say years come and go but what remains with us is memories.. both happy and sad… it’s up to us what kind of memories we create for ourselves.

So, friends live every moment to the fullest and make it count…

Wish you all a beautiful year ahead!!!!!