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Learning by experience…

Learnt a strategy today.. if u are a super senior and u kno for sure that your subordinates won’t get good rating… make them believe that you want to give them the best rating but it won’t be possible just bcoz their immediate superior didn’t bother to track and improve their performance. And he/she is solely responsible if they don’t get expected rating. So that they don’t blame you for their not as expected appraisal… and what do you get by doing this.. you get their loyalty for life and become a ideal senior to them who wants to contribute towards their growth but can’t do because of their direct superior who didn’t bother to do anything for their good…


“Oh! You are just like my daughter” said her mother in law and she took her words on face value…

“Oh! You can be yourself and you can go anywhere you want to, you can wear what you want to” said her mother in law and she believed her…

Oh! You have all the rights for decision making as it’s your house said her mother in law and she was happy like never before…

And she lived unhappily ever after being like a daughter and not the daughter, asking for permission even to go her room for taking rest and obeying the decisions of in laws in “her own house” #indiandaughterinlaw

A recent incident in my neibourhood made me wonder where has the childhood innocence been lost… and where the next generation is actually heading to…??

Around a week back a mother scolded her 10 year old son for something which she didn’t approve of him… and guess what that boy did to retort…

He attempted suicide by trying to strangulate himself…. fortunately, one of his family member saw and he was saved…

This whole incident left me thinking and wondering what inspired him to take this step… was he trying to play a prank??

I mean at the age of 10 we didn’t know what suicide is or even if we knew.. just a scolding from parents was not the reason enough to end life for us… and pranks? Our pranks were also funny and harmless and not anything so serius…

I am still confused… are the kids today losing the innocence or they are being forced to lose the innocence due to immense pressure and innumerable expectations from them???

It had started as a silly arguement and ended with “You idiot woman!!!”

The next second it all went dark and numb.. she wasn’t able to absorb what had just happened…
Those two words were echoing in her ears.. Idiot woman…

Yes, he was right… so right.. she’s really been an idiot woman who sacrificed her dreams for him.. who compromised with her lifestyle just to make him happy.. who changed herself to be how he likes her to be… who thought for him first before thinking about herself… etc etc….

And snap!!! that idiot woman vanished away and there stoodย  an independent and confident woman ready to lead her life on her own terms…

Changes motherhood brings!!!

Just a random thought:
It’s so unbelievable how motherhood changes a lazy & careless girl to all responsible, super agile, so caring & concerned mom!!!


Tears started rolling down his cheeks… she was stunned to see her husband cry… this was the sight she hated to have seen… 

He had always been strong and had been her pillar of strength and courage and now what was she witnessing is he is crying!! And crying unstoppable.

She thought of it and felt somewhat relieved as she knew that these are tears of self-realization and guilt. She knew that he has come to understand the damage he had caused to his own daughter just because of following orthodox ways of the society. 

Today only after a year and half of the marriage, his daughter has come to him after sudden death of her husband. Her in-laws have sent her back saying that they can not bear hers and her a year old baby’s responsibility.

Their daughter who wanted to study and become a doctor had been married off at an early age and had been denied her right even to complete her graduation let alone medical studies. He was of the view that the groom is well-educated, earns reasonably well and family is well off hence she doesn’t need to study further and would be happy at her new home.

Today, seeing her helpless and lost for inspiration broke him completely. He had now understood the importance of education in girl’s life too for making them self-dependent and able to handle such unpredictable situations.

He wiped tears of her daughter who was sobbing on his shoulders continuously and in that very moment he made a decision to equip her with the most powerful tool for her self-dependence… he had decided to let her study and complete her education at any cost.

She had to act fast.. the decision was to be taken now… she had to come out with the solution before its too late…. It was a matter of life or death.

Her partner had backed out leaving her alone with her head whirling around and she lay there helpless and restless.. on the hospital bed waiting for the doctor to start the procedure…

A sudden gush of realization and a surge of practicality coupled with deepest emotions made her cry out loud and it was the moment she had made her mind. She stood up… she had decided to bring that life on earth… she had overcome her fears, she was a strong girl now who had satisfaction of having saved two lives- one of her unborn child and the other of herself as what was about to happen would have certainly made her die a thousand deaths every day!!!

Lovely Weekends :)

Weekends, weekends, weekends!!! Its a weekend again… and I can’t tell how much I love them ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚


Yup! Never have loved weekend as much as I do now… Why? You may ask….

Just because weekend is the time I get to spend with my hubby and know what!!! he’s so much fun to be with… In routine life with our busy office schedule it gets difficult to spend some time together… So, weekends are all we have to treasure.

By the way, weekend has always been much awaited for me being a lazy bum… I used to wait for weekend in child hood just to sleep till late in the morning… in college also for the same reason and also for some fun and shopping…

And the importance of weekends grew the most when I started working… ๐Ÿ™‚ Any one who works 6 days a week can understand what a weekend means in such case!!!

And now when I have some one to enjoy my weekend with I wait for it more eagerly… on weekends It feels like time is flying and its over too soon… coz we have so much to do, so many works to finish and lots of masti and dhamal…

And on Monday, :(:(:( this is how I am…

When I wake up on Monday, one song echoes in my head and that is… Bloody khooni Monday…..

ย I wish weekends could be bit longer….

For now just watch this video and laugh your heart out:

You all might have had different observations and experiences of how things are in today’s corporate world. I have also had my share of experiences in the corporate world accumulated during last 6 years. But recently I have developed a new formula by my experiences lately. And it is like “Degree of Humanity in a person is equally opposite of the grade he/she holds.”

I know many people would have pointed it out earlier also but I am stating this now because I have felt it deep recently. The higher one goes on the corporate ladder, the lesser is the humanity in that person.

Or is it the opposite??? That whoever grows more inhuman takes the easy steps to the top of the corporate ladder.


Well, that’s something to be seen. I think I am not yet experienced enough to decide which statement is right.

Friends!!! Please share your views also on my observations and solve myย dilemma whether growth leads to inhumanity or inhumanity leads to growth.

Feeling odd one out…

There are time and situations in life when one feels odd one out. It can be anytime, anywhere but never when one is with his/her best friends.. Rite???

But I had this strange experience of feeling odd one out while I was with my best friends… Friends who are closest and with whom I have spent most memorable and enjoyable moments.

Normally when you meet old friends after a long time you feel out of the world. But when you lose regular touch with friends and they move on making new friends, new circle and when you suddenly happen to join them with their new circle, you somehow feel odd one out until you are a show stealer.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ which certainly I am not.

Well, life has to flow and things have to move… I feel lucky to have got such lovely friends and their company in this fast paced life. All I wish is not to lose touch with such lovely souls.